I Love My New Garden Bench So Much!

New garden bench

So when your garden seat collapses part way through a garden party, what’s a girl to do?

Go online of course!

We needed a traditional looking seat, but one of the reasons the old one has failed us is we couldn’t be bothered to oil it all the time, and being wood it eventually rotted away.

So I stumbled across this new type of bench called Winawood, which is supposedly weatherproof. Anyway I got a sample of the material and really loved it, so I went online and decided that was the one I wanted, particularly the darker new brown coloured one as a 3 seater garden bench.

You can buy garden benches on their website here, and I highly recommend Garden Centre Shopping to all looking for a great selection of garden furniture online.

About Winawood

Winawood is a new type of composite garden furniture, designed to look and feel like real wood, but being 100% man made and weatherproof. You can leave it outside all year round meaning there’s no more oiling for you! It’s supposed to last for many years, but the official guarantee is only 2 years.

Further Reading and Shopping

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